Two New Running Playlists That Keep Me Going

running in the morning

Running is hard work, and especially in these past few weeks when I’ve been trying to get myself ready for a race this Saturday.  I went from sporadically running once a week to running three times a week in the past four weeks. Oh, the aching muscles.

There were several times there that I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep at 5:00am
or just skip the run altogether. 5:00am is early! And it’s dark!

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My 6 Favorite Skin Care Products for Winter

Beauty products

Norwegian winters are tough. It’s dark, it’s dry and it’s cold. Did I mention that it’s cold?

And when I say cold, I mean -20 degrees Celsius (that’s -4 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s cold enough to freeze your spit before it even hits the ground!

For this Texas girl who’s used to humidity and sunny conditions, the dry winters are hard on the skin.  When I first came to Norway, I had a hard time trying to find the right products to combat the winter cold.

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