Sticking to a Daily Exercise Routine

I’ve been feeling a little out of sorts since the race has been over.  Unfocused. Unmotivated. Scatterbrained.

My problem is the daily exercise routine. I’m struggling to get up in the morning to complete it.

I’ll eventually get up and complete the exercise routine, but it’s not without hitting the snooze button a few dozen times. Consequently, I wake up in just enough time to get in a 30 minute workout, get Keira up, get her to school and then get to work.

There was a time there when I was training for the race that I could get up at 4:45am and run with no problem. I even had time afterwards to meditate and enjoy a cup of coffee before the day started.

And now. I feel like I’m battling with myself for every workout.  The focus just isn’t there.

I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. Perhaps it’s the lack of a real goal to work towards. Or, maybe it’s a lack of a very structured schedule.

I’ve struggled with this for 3 weeks now and obviously, what I’m currently doing isn’t generating me any happy results. So, it’s time to change things up a bit.

keep one training schedule

I currently have a pretty loose daily exercise routine  which is  weights 3x a week, cardio 3x a week and 1x yoga.

I follow Tony Horton’s P90X3 schedule for weights and that schedule is taped to a wall in my workout room.


The cardio schedule is in my head and recently,  on a handwritten piece of paper.


I keep track of whether or not I worked out on a separate calendar.


There are way too many pieces of paper to keep track of and I waste too many brain cells trying to decide what I’m going to do for the day.

The one tool that helped me the most  during my training for the race was having the whole training schedule written on a single piece of paper.

I always knew what I would do on which day and what the goal was. I also used the same piece of paper to mark my progress. Being the goal-oriented person that I am, this piece of paper helped me to focus on what I had to do and served as a motivational tool for me to keep going.

Here’s what my new schedule looks like for the next couple of weeks.


Make a new goal

My main goal is to recover from this injury, but in the meantime, I’ve still got to maintain my cardio capacity while I’m recovering.

The “you need to do cardio 3x a week” goal isn’t enough of a goa. So, my personal trainer came up with a great idea on Thursday. It’s called time trials. The goal is to get faster – whether it’s on the elliptical machine or running.

I have to time myself and the distance for every workout and then see if I can out do that time in the next similar workout.

Once I’m fully recovered from the injury and back to running, the time trials will happen once a month for a certain distance to see if I’ve been able to improve.

Yeah! New goal!

getting through the boring workouts

The great thing about outdoor activities is that the time passes quickly.

Due to the injury, I’m now mainly stuck to the elliptical machine – about 45-50 minutes on it, at least twice a week. OMG. How to make the time pass?

Thank goodness for Netflix.

While I’ve been waiting for my favorite shows to come back for the Fall season, I’ve found a few other TV series that I’ve been crushing on as of late.

I watch these shows while I’m plugging away on the machine in the morning and they help to pass the time.



I like smart people. And smart people with cool talents. This show is full of that. Scorpion  is loosely based on a real-life character named Walter O’Brien. He’s an eccentric genius that leads a group of brilliant misfits who constitute Homeland Security’s new think tank, helping defend against the high-tech threats of the computer age. The team includes a behaviorist, a mechanical prodigy, and a statistics guru. While comfortable with one another, the team members struggle with understanding life outside their circle, so when they need help translating societal cues, they rely on the skills of Paige Dineen, a woman with a gifted young son.

Breakout Kings


Another show that I’ve found which uses the unique talents of the characters is Breakout Kings. Tired of the bad guys running free, U.S. Marshals Charlie Duchamp and Ray Zancanelli devise an unconventional approach to catching fugitives. They employ the experience and the three most elusive convicts Ray has ever captured and form a special task force to catch more bad guys. Why would the bad guys help out the good guys? For each fugitive the team brings back to justice, they earn time off their sentences.

The biggest bummer is that when I find a TV series I like, Netflix either only carries one season of it or the TV series has been cancelled. So, I’m always on the lookout for good shows.

If you’ve got some cool shows you like, please feel free to drop me a note.


I’ve just discovered the beauty of podcasts. Like podcasts have been out forever. Duh.  Where have I been?

Podcasts are talk shows on topics you’re interested in downloaded to your mobile device.  They’re really cool because you can keep up with the latest news, learn new facts, meet new people just like you and all from the comfort of your mobile phone. You can also subscribe to a podcast series and get notified every time there’s a new one that pops up.

I’ve been listening to several episodes of “I’ll Have Another“. Lindsey Hein is the host of the podcast. Every week, she features women who are runners, but who are also business women, moms, athletes, etc. The podcast is motivating and inspirational. It opens up a whole, new community that I didn’t know was there before.


Sometimes I think that I’m the only one that is so busy, can’t find time, struggles to workout and handle daily family life while working a full-time job. It’s nice to know that there are women out there who go through the same kinds of challenges and to hear how they deal with these challenges and are still able to maintain a positive outlook on life, take care of their families and themselves.

You can get this podcast or find other podcasts you’re interested in on iTunes.

Other happening things


There was a running day at Keira’s school yesterday where the kids were encouraged to run  as many times around the 1km trail that they wanted to.

Parents were invited too, so I decided to partake in the festivities. It turned out that most parents were on the sidelines cheering the kids on, and I was the only one who mis-read the invitation and thought that we were supposed to run with the kids.

I ran twice around the trail with Keira and then went back home to work. After I left, Keira ran three more times.  You go, girl!

Last week was Høstkakefest at Baerums Verk.  It’s an event where vendors and the local farmers in the area present the meats, cheeses and food that they grow or make. There were also games for the kids to play like they did in the “good old days.”  And lots of food!


Keira waiting patiently for a svele which is similar to an American pancake. She had two of them.


Trying to hit the center target while lying on a reindeer rug


Every since I saw the movie Chef, I’ve had an infatuation with food trucks. It’s so cool to see that they’re showing  up in Norway.


And not only are there food trucks, there are coffee cars. Check out how cool this is. Imagine you’re getting a great cup of joe made from the back of this little car. Per will attest to the fact that it was good coffee.

How about you?

Have you got any tips for how to stick to an exercise routine?

If you’re on a stationery machine, how do you pass the time?

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