The Last Ditch Effort

This past  Thursday, I did not get the OK from the physical therapist to run in the Stockholm Half Marathon. In fact, with a look of pity, he told me that the outlook was not good for next Saturday’s race.

Me, being the every hopeful person, asked him why??

Was it because I couldn’t walk after last Thursday’s 10K? Or, was it because the Achilles tendon was swollen? Pshaw! I said. I recovered.  See, I can still move my leg, I said.

He told me that it all depended on what I wanted to do after the race was over. If I planned to sit on my butt for a real long time, then I could run in the race because I would need the time to recover.

On the other hand, if I planned to still be active and continue to run and do other sports, then I would have to sit this out.

He saw that my brain wasn’t accepting what he had to say very well. So, in order to make my brain understand what he was trying to tell me, he told me that I could run 10K on Saturday.

It would be my last ditch effort. I was to run with no pain during and I could experience no pain after. And, If I didn’t experience the pain, then I could run in the half-marathon.

Since Thursday, insecure and fearful thoughts were driving me insane:

  •  I’ll be a cripple after the last test run
  •  I already know that I’m going to experience pain, so I might as well give up now.
  • Even if I can run 10K, I haven’t trained enough to run 21K. There’s no way I can make it either way.

Before I had even tried, my brain was already telling me that I had failed.

The truth of the matter was that I didn’t know how things were going to turn out. I had to try. No matter how afraid I was.

You’ll see in the next videos that I wanted to try something new.

Instead of documenting the day through text, I thought that I’d try video to capture the moment as it happened.

getting ready

I started the morning with trepidation. Even as I put on my running clothes and tied my shoes, I was still wondering if I should even attempt this run or not. I mean, the writing was on the wall, right?

The first 5K

I surprised myself here. When I was warming up, I thought that I would have to stop at 5K and turn around. But, the opposite happened.

Finishing 10K

As you can see by my reaction in the video, I surprised myself with this run. It didn’t go the way that I had planned it in my head at all. Yes, it was a bit hard, but it wasn’t debilitating.

I thought that I was going to have to crawl home at 8km. But, I finished and not only that, I finished it with a smile.

What surprised me the most about this video is that I see I actually enjoy running. And that, my friends, is not how I feel when it’s happening.

Pizza and a movie

Per was out of town this weekend, so it was just us girls.

Here we are enjoying the fruits of our labor and the movie Air Buddies:

enjoying the pizza we made

so what happened?

It was a busy day today. I didn’t limp down the stairs. I didn’t hobble to my car. So, hey, I went for a bike ride.

And I was a little tired afterwards:

tired after 21K bike ride

And after that, Keira and I went to the tennis courts to hit some balls:

keira hitting tennis balls

In the meantime, I just need to wait until my next appointment on Tuesday to get the final verdict my physical therapist. Either Go, or No-Go.

Things never go as planned

This weekend didn’t go the way that I had planned it in my head. I thought I’d be lying on the couch icing down my leg feeling really sorry for myself and accepting my fate.

Instead, it’s been the opposite.

The weather has been GORGEOUS this whole weekend. I had a great run yesterday,  and I live to tell about it. It’s been really nice to spend some cozy time with Keira and I even got some housework done and fit in some extra sleep. All in all, a great weekend.

If I had listened to my crazy thoughts all Thursday through Saturday, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself.

And now, Sandy is on her way to Oslo and will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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