Sister Week Has Begun – Finally!

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After what has felt like months of planning and talking about the Stockholm Half Marathon and the trip to Norway, Sandy was finally here!

It was so wonderful to see her.  It seemed like ages since we’ve been together. We were so looking forward to some really good quality time together.

So what do two sisters do when they haven’t seen each other in a long time?

The start of sister week

Sandy arrived on Monday afternoon. After lots of hugs and kisses, the first thing we did was to unload her suitcase:


Don’t laugh at the snacks and the Ziploc bags. You can’t get those things here…and when you can, they cost an arm and a leg.

If you look to the far right, you’ll see Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil. I got those 3 packs from my mom. When she was here in May, she apparently didn’t like how thin the aluminum foil was here and so in all her motherly wisdom, she decided that I needed the Reynolds Wrap family pack. Thanks, mom!

Then I unwrapped an early birthday gift:


Yeah! It was a new fitness tracker. What a great gift. I’d been eyeing the Fitbit Alta for a few weeks now.  My Nike FuelBand was seeing it’s last days and this gift came just in time.

What other stuff did we do this week?

Just hanging out

I had to work the first few days when Sandy was here. On Wednesday, I took her into the office with me . Since my office is centrally located right on the main shopping street, I thought that she might enjoy some window shopping while I was slaving away at work.

At about 8:30am, I parked her at the Espresso House cafe and we agreed to meet up again at lunch time. I just  assumed that when the shops opened at 10am,  she would be wandering along Hedgehausveien and Bogstadveien shopping her little heart away.

When I called her at noon to see where she was, what do you think I found out?

Um…that she was happily ensconsed at the same cafe watching the Hallmark station on YouTube. When I walked into the cafe, she had a big silly grin on her face and looked like she was enjoying the heck out of herself.

That girl is such a sucker for a sappy movie.


We tried to stay up as long as we could every night because we thought that if we stayed up, another day wouldn’t pass us by. We were trying to milk as much time together as possible.

So we watched a lot of late night TV. Netflix and Apple TV are the best!


On Thursday, we had lunch with my friend, Eva who also happens to be one of Keira’s godmothers.


We went shopping for a bubble jacket because that’s what Sandy wanted to take home from the Norway trip. We visited at least 5 stores before we found this juicy piece at Bergan’s Flagship store.


And we enjoyed the beautiful view in Aker Brygge


There was no running for me, but Sandy got in two good runs around the neighborhood.

Each time she came back, she proclaimed that there were way too many hills for her and that she was going to die in the race.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

We are leaving dark and early tomorrow morning for Sweden so I must sign off for now.


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