The Last Week of Vacation and a Week Off Running

Wild summer days

Hey, did the picture get your attention?

I was just kidding. There weren’t any wild summer days in the last week of our vacation.  In fact, it was quite the opposite. It was a week filled with relaxing moments and cozy family time.  The only part that makes me sad is that I had to take a week off running, but more on that later.

Besides spending lots of time by the pool, here’s a little recap of activities in the last week of our vacation:

1.  Pokemon go

Pokemon gotta catch them all

Pokemon Go has captured the hearts of a lot of people around the world and alas, we, too, are not immune to its charm.

We spent at least an hour a day visiting Poke stations and capturing Pokemon. The main topic of conversation at dinner would be how many Pokemon either Per or Keira caught, how many evolved and into what.

Where our child once said “no” to going to the grocery store with us, she gave us a resounding “yes” when we asked her if she wanted to go. You know why, right? It was yet another chance to catch Pokemon and get more Pokeballs!

2.  A fiesta week

The resort that we normally stay at has a Fiesta party week every year.

The Fiesta consists of a scavenger hunt, sports activities, Flamenco shows, Salsa bands, and a voluntary talent show.

It’s a chance for everyone in the resort to get together and enjoy some evening hours together with food and drink and music. And, boy, was there lots of that!

We don’t normally get to attend it due to bad timing, but we were lucky this year because it started a week before we were supposed to leave.

And not only that, Keira and her summer friend Jasmine, signed up to be a part of the talent show.

I thought that they were joking when they both signed up. But, in fact, they were both very serious.

They practiced almost every day for a week. They agreed on a song together. They made up the dance together.

They coordinated their hair and their outfits and best of all, their performance turned out to be really good.

Talent show picture 1

Talent show picture 2

We were all very impressed – not only with their enthusiasm, but their commitment.

Go, girls!

3.  some lovely dinners out

per and keira at dinner

Even though I mentioned last week that I liked easy meals, don’t imagine that we were only eating pork and beans. We enjoyed tapas, steaks and most of all Asian (hmm…I wonder why).

Here’s a couple of pictures of some really yummy dishes that we enjoyed:




keira and gyozas

Keira’s going record for gyozas is 16! If were going to stay for another week, she said that she would have gone for 20!

4.  A week off running

taking it easy is not so easy

For about 2 weeks, my right calf and Achilles tendon has been hurting a lot. I kind of sucked it up and ran anyway because I wanted to stay on my running schedule.

And do you remember that I was complaining about the pain after the long run last week? Well, my leg ended up hurting even more and to the point that I was limping around for a week.

It was with great difficulty that I had to admit to myself that I should stop for a while until the leg felt better.

An athlete friend of mine told me to aqua jog in the pool last week so that’s what I did. 20 minutes of running in the shallow end and 20 minutes in the deep end.

It turned out that the shallow end running also hurt. So much for that week of rest.

It’s now Monday evening and as I am sitting here writing this blog post, I have now missed five days of training and am slightly freaking out.

The half marathon is in four and half weeks and I’m still not back to 100% yet.

I have an appointment with a physical therapist tomorrow to take a look at the injury. I hear that he used to be an ex-runner, so I’m crossing my fingers and my toes that he knows what he’s talking about and that he can fix this. Stat.

Stay tuned. I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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