Giving the Gift of Time

Keira with a bread smile

Keira turned 8 years old a couple of weeks ago.  Eight years old. I can’t believe  how fast the time has flown by.

Only just yesterday did I hold my little baby in my arms for the very first time. Only just yesterday did I experience the joy of her first smile, hear her first word, see her first step.

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I often hear parents say that the time passes so quickly -almost in a blink of an eye. They say that before you know it, your children have grown up, moved away and started lives of their own.

Enjoy the time. Enjoy every moment.

Yet, let’s be honest. It’s kind of hard to enjoy every single moment.

When I’m in stressed-out Mommy mode, trying to do too many things at one time, I can easily lose sight of what’s important and just wonder when will the madness ever end.

Then I feel guilty for even thinking those kind of thoughts.

But, in the still of the night, when all is quiet, and I peek in on my little girl sleeping in bed, who is no longer a little girl, but becoming a bright, young lady, I feel blessed.

I feel so blessed and grateful that this wonderful little person is in my life.

She is an amazing marvel, my little daughter. She is smart, clever, beautiful, both inside and out. She aggravates me. She pushes me. She loves me despite all my faults and she makes me become a better person.

Keira in sweden

My heart clenches tightly and I lose my breath when I think about how time is slipping away.

I’m one of those women who try to do everything – working full time, cooking, cleaning, shopping, taking care of family, laundry, working out, helping with homework…the list goes on and on.

Yes, I can get a lot of things done, but getting things done comes at a cost.

I don’t pay attention to the present moment as much as I should because my mind is always on the next action item on the list.

I have been known to only listen to her stories with half an ear because I’m busy cooking dinner or doing the wash.

I am impatient with her because I want her to finish her homework quickly and eat quickly and shower quickly, and get to bed on time. All the time. Every day. It’s all about the completion of the task and doing it on time.

This can go on for weeks and suddenly, in the back of my mind, I hear a tiny voice that says that I need to slow down and enjoy the moment. I need to enjoy her. I need to enjoy our time as a family. I need to do silly things, only for the joy and the fun and for no other reason that that.

This is the gift I give to my daughter this year. The gift of time.  Color and draw together. Listen closer to her stories. Have a conversation. Read together. Be together.

Speaking of time, I think that Keira had a great time at her birthday party this year. We threw her a birthday bash at Leo’s Lekeland with trampolines, pancakes and chocolate cake galore.

It was a wonderful celebration with all the kids in her class. I think that someone was a happy camper.


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