How to Make Grocery Shopping a Collaborative Effort

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The making of the weekly grocery shopping list can be kind of a tedious affair.  And I have to share my new favorite app with you that makes that all go away. It’s a task manager app I tested out today called Wunderlist.

Working with pesky paper lists

Grocery shopping is only a once a week affair at my house.

During the normal week, I keep track of the grocery items that we need on a piece of paper which lies on the kitchen counter.

And before I go to the store on Saturday, I’ll make my meal plan for the week and then copiously write down all the groceries I’ll need for the upcoming week.

This list requires that if we see an item that needs to be re-stocked during the week, one of us needs to write it down on the list. This can be a hit or miss affair when one of us is more obsessive about keep the list updated than the other. Guess who that is? 🙂

Wunderlist to the rescue

Earlier this week, Per asked me to download the Wunderlist app and said that it was a new way of keep track of our calendar tasks.

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Doubtful Thomas that I am, I said that I didn’t need another calendar, but OK, I would download it to make him happy.

This is a great little app that makes it super easy to get things done. When I made the grocery list this week, I just added the items into the app, quick and easy.

And during the week, being the techy kind of guy that he is, Per thought it was fun to add items to the grocery list in the app. Both lists were synced  and suddenly grocery list making became a collaborative effort.

Collaborative grocery shopping

I get an immense amount of pleasure manually “ticking off” a to-do item. It makes me feel like I’m productive and getting things done. Part of the wariness around this grocery list app was that I was going to lose the feeling of the “ticking off”.

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Well, this app doesn’t disappoint.

I took the list with me to the grocery store and checked off the items as I purchased them.

The amazing thing today was that when I was almost finished with the shopping, Per gave me a call and asked me if I had trouble buying crushed almonds and that he would pick some up on the way home.

Now that’s collaborative work.

What’s your favorite grocery list app?


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